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What is love?
Love...is fantasy. It's something we read about, hear about, and see in movie's, right? Wrong. Love, in some case's, is real. Those who experience it, know it. And other's just feel. But those who feel love are, in most case's, fucked. That's right, and here's why. You feel love for the one you're with, but what about them? Okay, they say they love you. But when they cheat on you, hit you, get you into drug's and lie to you, is that love? I suppose so, if you're young and delusional. "I love you, Nate." Cold hard evidence right? Wrong. This message came after his fist hit me, numerous time's. And I stayed with him. "I'll make you happy." Wrong. The drug's made me happy, but in a sense so did you, because you gave them to me. "I swear, I don't even find her attractive!" Lie's. How can you walk into a room with two people fucking and then believe that? If you're me, you will, and you'll stay. You'll stay because you think you love that person. Because they will make you think you are their's forever, and they will feed you lie's until you're so full and sick you leave. But when that person ask's for another chance, you're empty. And they'll fill you up over and over until there's nothing left but hate. Pure hate. For them, yourself, and other's who did nothing wrong, but try and help. But one they try and help, you hate so much that nobody can help. The wound can't be stitched, no matter how thick the needle and thread, because we're afraid everyone is just like them.

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  • класс!
    • надо перевести на русский, да? ;)
      • Надо, наверное :)

        Грустно как-то у тебя в последние дни - или мне показалось?
          • eugene_ivanov
          • 27.06.2004 10:29
          • Нижний Новгород / Нижегородская область
          у меня всегда так, привыкай.
          хотя всё зависит от окружения..
          когда я ту неделю её провожал по утрам, то я был счастлив немеренно..
          помню, слушал музыку одну..
          сейчас её слушаю.. и она уже связана с ней.. напоминает о ней..

          я думаю, ничего у нас не получится, потому что я бьюсь как в стенку горох, никакого толку.. взаимности нет.. у ней есть всё, что ей нужно.. я лишний..
          • "у ней есть всё, что ей нужно.. я лишний.."
            Зачем люди вместе? Чтобы им стало легче и лучше. Чтобы помогать друг другу. Если им становится хуже - это не те люди...
      • не-а.
        Так прикольней :)