Люди в чёрном. Man in black :)))Он на земле был только странник,...

Все люди одиноки... и не хотят уступать друг другу.. :(

Говорил с девушкой из штата Georgia только что.
Спросил, как у неё в личной жизни..
Мда... одни сложности в мире с этим.. грустно..

19.10.2004 1:57:34 Niki wrote:
no im single my ex fiance and i just broke up about 6 weeks ago
19.10.2004 1:57:57 EI wrote:
19.10.2004 1:58:02 EI wrote:
19.10.2004 1:58:39 Niki wrote:
financial situation for one we couldnt afford our home so had to move apart and we were also not getting along ....
19.10.2004 1:59:09 Niki wrote:
we both need to get our lives straightened out both emotionally and financially
19.10.2004 2:00:06 EI wrote:
Oh boy! :(
19.10.2004 2:00:37 EI wrote:
It's bad
19.10.2004 2:00:43 Niki wrote:
yeah was hard to lose him we were together for five and a half years... lived together for four
19.10.2004 2:00:51 Niki wrote:
its hard on the kids
19.10.2004 2:01:14 Niki wrote:
well i have to go i am at universtity and and my professor just walked in talk to you later