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Searching the Blogosphere...You've Got Options

Syndicated feeds have become a significant and distinguishable portionof the web: blogs, news, podcasts, custom user-generated feeds, etc.Well, sometimes you just want to search the "feed portion" of the web,to find an article or discover a new feed. There are several resourcesavailable to do this, and here are a few of the more popular ones:

  • 01.
    IceRocket scores points for offering unique feed searches and data. You'llalso find a number of services and non-feed related searches. One ofIceRocket's investors is everyone's favorite, opinionated, insightful, billionaire blogger - Mark Cuban.

  • //www.technorati.com/
    Technoratihas become the default authority on the who's who of A-list bloggersand the what's what of blogger vanity. They've also established theblogosphere's premiere system of author self-tagging of articles. Youcan search by keyword or tag, and check out some of their other coolfeatures. Technorati also features some pretty cool browsing featuresthat let you see what is currently popular and being discussed allaround the blogosphere.

  • //blogsearch.google.com/
    Here,you'll be able to thoroughly search the blogosphere inside thatfamiliar Google interface. It's fast, easy, and to the point. To limityour search exclusively to Google's Blogger, follow this link.

  • //www.feedster.com
    For"timely information from news, blog, and podcast" searches...giveFeedster a shot. It's straightforward design is similar to Google BlogSearch's interface

  • //www.blogdigger.com/
    Blogdigger'sgot an especially nice interface, in my opinion. They present theirsearch results sorted clearly by date (or you can search by relevance).They've got a tagging system, too, although I'm not clear on how theydefine these tags.