Велотур по Израилю с 10 по 20 октября 2016 годаВот она, современность. И конкуренция

Israel bicycle tour from 10 to 20 october 2016. Golan Heights

I invite you to cycling trip to Israel.

Since 2010, every year I go to Israel, traveled the country far and wide, I know a lot.

In 2015, Israel was in the 70 dawn, in 2014 in Israel for 30 days. In 2012, 16 days in Israel and Jordan. In 2010, the first time in Israel, the Golan Heights. In 2013 we were there 10 days, rolled from Beit Shemesh to Ein Gedi. In 2011, we went hiking on Israel and descending on ropes from a rock in the desert.

I want to try yourself as a guide, make on this, because a huge experience.

And this is the first such announcement.

Dialed group of at least 5 people, no more than 10 people, go for 10 days according to the Golan Heights.

How it will be roughly described here - the announcement of the Golan Heights.

As it is I went out in 2010 - the Golan Heights on the bike for 10 days.

The route, which can drive you to be with small changes and improvements since then I've been in those places even three times, including in the fall.


Budget from each $ 700, this price includes maintenance of the route, the main two meals on the route, the final day in the hotel, travel to Israel, tours to different places.

Route physically relatively simple, but the initial physical training is desirable, experience the two-day cycling trips desirable.

The responsibility of each bears for itself, but I will help using the information in the case of injury will help get to the hospital, etc.

Join and get to know possible via email - eugene.ivanov@gmail.com