Температура, Лето, жара.Июль 2004. Мост через Волгу на Бор.


I'm so lonely. It's pathetic and sad. Going out in the world not saying adamned word. Afraid to be laughed at or judged like I have been so much inmy life. Reliving every moment that has scarred me. All the little thingsbuild up.
I can't trust people and can't feel confident because of thoselittle things. All of those assholes, damn them to hell. I don't know whypeople look at me the way they do. I don't know why I feel negative vibesfrom everyone. I always feel like an ugly little boy. Stupid fucks.
my life is shit...i just wanna move away now!
but i do thank my friends 4 puttin up with me...fankooo..u know who u r

every day, i dont know what i'm going to say.i have so much i want to say, but i would destroy myself.God music helps me keep going.i'm just a...and then again i've been told i'm so much more.i think i know what i need, but everyday i need more because it didnt fix anything.i'm crying out for someone to relate with, but it seems we are all in different shoes. Whatever that means anyways.all the shoes i've tried on feel the same inside, except for new ones they feel better....they feel new.i'm alone save for this one voice that will never leave.sometimes i wonder why i chose this path, it has its ups and downs. alot of hopes and dreams.i dont need saving today, i already have a savior.