Что это за фильм?and it is now february.


Обветшалый плакат у околицы: "Мирный атом в каждый дом!"
Воистину – свершилось!

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  • :( !
    • Decayed poster at village fence : "Peace atom into the each home!"

      In truth the inevitable occurred!

      ..about Chernobyl.. :o(
      • I use //babelfish.altavista.com/
        to read your posts in English :)
        It translates for me (though, sometimes, it becomes nonsense, lol).
        My :( was to say "yes, so true!"
        I have read many tragic stories of the people who worked there.

        I was 8 years old when Chernobyl "melted-down", and I was so scared and sad. (I was always afraid of atomic energy, and had many nightmares, all my life, about bombs and accidents).

        We are the same age, yes? Do you remember Chernobyl?
        • yes, i was too 8 years. and i saw on TV all the stories. 

          i remember,  yes, and i think, atom energic is very dangerous and peoples is so kids to play in this game...it is too early!
          imagine, so... is so many people on the station, so many key factor..so many variant of events...and people dont' know what to do! and in any case they build a station! horror...