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Google Reader shutting down on July 1


Видимо, придётся писать свой reader или переходить куда-нибудь на похожие сервисы...

Чувак здорово пишет, я думаю точно так же:

Yes, RSS has been declared dead many times and people keep banging on about the social web and that Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and others have replaced the old style of blogging and having an own feed. But I don’t buy it, sorry. Every social network is full of senseless chatter and organised advertising. Social media experts and PR folk make sure that information about certain products and celebrities get read and retweeted. I don’t care about that. I don’t want it. The same way I don’t watch public access channels or randomly surf channels but instead plan what I want to see on TV. Random exploration and finding things by chance is fun, but it is not helping you to keep up to date – it is the ADHD of information consumption. I myself use Twitter, Facebook and Gogole+ much more frivolous than my blog. The reason is that they are terrible as an archive of my thoughts or to put out structured data. Search is terrible in Twitter, which is why I use pinboard to bookmark links I tweet automatically. Google+ has the same problem. Finding quality information is damn hard as all the social networks are there to have lots and lots of interaction and not make people write good articles or posts.