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Super film. Tobacco Girl

Tobacco Girl
While Mümine thinks about boys, school and leaving home, her parents have an arranged marriage in mind


Biljana Garvanlieva


Fourteen-year-old Mümine lives with her family in the mountains of Macedonia, members of the Yörüks, a tradition-rich Turkish group of people. Her parents work in the tobacco fields, growing, picking, drying, and selling tobacco leaves year-round.

During her break from school, Mümine joins her parents and siblings in the field and, as they work together each day, she begins to chafe against the more traditional views of her mother and father who want to marry her off to a young man in the village. It’s the traditional way and the family would benefit from the dowry, but Mümine resists, holding on to being a teenager while dreaming of completing school and leaving the tobacco fields behind.

A beautifully rendered glimpse into the rhythms and customs of a distinctive Balkan community, Tobacco Girl is also a universal coming-of-age story – a girl caught between two worlds, torn between appeasing her parents and finding her own

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  • Wow, sounds like a wonderful film. I'll have to watch it when I get a chance!