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Погода прекрасная

Тепло, около нуля, чуть меньше. Почти всё высохло, остальное подморозило. Велы почти чистые.

Comments (4):

  • Sounds really cold where you are living! I hope you keep warm this winter. :)
      • eugene_ivanov
      • 18.12.2014 00:28
      • Нижний Новгород / Нижегородская область
      i like december, because it' time - no winter, more autumn, but little cold =)

      i like ice , because i use "ice spike tire" for bicycle

      and what is weather in place where is you live?
      • Wow, ice spike tires are cool! I just saw them online for the first time.

        I grew up in New Jersey and New York City (until I was 24 years old) where it would always be cold and snow in the winter. Now I am living in Los Angeles.. it never gets too cold here or snows. We have rain once in awhile, which is good for our drought. Winter in LA is more like autumn in other places! Most of the year feels like spring and has lots of sun + warm weather.