Человек рассказывает о новом альбоме Yello - The Eye

All the Die-Hard Yello fans have been waiting for the new
master piece to arrive. As a matter of fact, they still have to

Some amongst us have been fortunate and blessed by
whatever god. They received the promo directly or through
friendly channels.

Let me first address some Yello software that surfaced
after Motion Picture.

Mounted by the Gods. This movie soundtrack revealed a
Blank that had progressed to yet another level of what
Yello is all about. Soundscapes unheard before and still
so familiar. Those who know Yello could tell the tracks
originated from Sample God Boris, even if not aware
he was behind the tracks.

The Race - Brake Light Mix. Although I don't have any
printed info on this asume it was Boris who constructed
this very interesting remix. I believed it transmitted a signal
with it's layered sounds an nearly hidden samples. A signal
that secretly informed what to expect from The Eye.

Topaz (Insect Mix). Well it sounds misty and fogged. How
else can I discribe what I hear? But it remains a track which
has the Yello Virus. An interesting theme, balancing on the
border of Mission Impossible, but showing Blank's love for
Big Beat.

And now The Eye...I'm as honest as possible.
You may spank, torment and even shave my
eyebrows off...

Продолжение о альбоме "The eye"